Total Property Maintenance

Total Property Maintenance provides the level of service our clients have been asking for.

Total Property Maintenance provides the level of service our clients have been asking for. It is designed around and fulfills the actual needs and expectations of our clients, as well as protects the investment they have made in their property.

We strongly believe that a landscape that’s beautifully designed and carefully maintained enhances the value of any property. Maintaining a magnificent landscape requires a program of maintenance that’s consistent and responsible from an acknowledged expert.

The Total Property Maintenance service calendar is from April 1st through November 30th. It includes all the traditional maintenance services including spring and fall clean ups, mowing of turf, turf and bed fertilization, weed control, bed edging and cultivation.

What makes Total Property Maintenance different are the unique services included with the program. These services include core aeration of turf, hand pruning, irrigation system monitoring, sweeping of paved surfaces, wiping down furniture, and more.

Total Property Maintenance also offers many optional services including seasonal flower planting, bulb planting, mulching, hand watering, pond maintenance, gutter cleaning, winter décor and almost anything else outside the residence that needs care.

Please call or contact us to learn more about Total Property Maintenance and to receive a complete list of services.

Perennial & Annual Garden Design and Maintenance

Walsh incorporates trademark unique perennial and annual gardens within, around or as a central element of your garden.

Walsh also offers extensive maintenance of perennial and annual flowers. Our staff of landscape experts include a Landscape Flower Designer with expertise in maintaining colorful perennials and annuals so your property continues an ongoing display of color with maximum street appeal.